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Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 04:00 am

Unknown Artist – Stowaway 002 [Stowaway]

After a successful first release supported by many well-known artists in the scene, Stowaway is back with another hot wax, delivering captivating minimalistic vibes. We know Nu Zau is the one behind this project, although this electronic adventure is exclusively focused on the music and not on the artist.

“Stowaway 002” is the second 12” coming from Nu Zau‘s mysterious world of unreleased tracks and one that sure provides that swift minimal rhythm we all love. Designed with groovy micropatterns and intricate arrangements, the material provides balanced vibrations at a steady tempo. With the likes of Raresh and Praslea already playing this at parties, the mastermind behind UVAR and Why So Series makes sure that Stowaway is properly set on its promising path.

Over the years Nu Zau experimented with a lot of genres, integrating small bits from various sources into a core sound that will become his distinct style. You will always hear gentle analogue glitches or lush atmospheres in his compositions, as the shape of his music is ever-changing, from deep and dubby techno to funky house and minimal tech. With this project, he steps back to let the spotlight fall on the untitled cuts, leaving the listener to fully dive in, without being worried about who plays what.

A1 features a funky arpeggiator that creates the leading groove, while a heavy modulated vocal sample reveals the main moments of the story. The build-ups unravel soft bright pads and effects that deliver a chilled atmosphere, while the percussion is clear and beautifully arranged. On the flipside, B1 rolls along with a prominent buzzing sample, while the rhythm remains relaxed. Subtle wobbling and warping patterns smoothly blend in with the other layers displaying a catchy outcome. Closing, there’s B2, a mesmerizing micro tool, that’s ready to rock the dance floor with its glitched percussion, consistent bassline and numerous small cuts that provide energy to the beat. A daring showcase of possibilities when it comes to techno and the specific Romanian accents of it.

Unknown Artist – Stowaway 002 [Stowaway] sleeve

Grab your copy of Stowaway 002 at


Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Untitled/Stowaway 002
Label: Stowaway
Cat. number: STOWAWAY002
Release date: 19.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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