Review | Various Artists – Internal Connections Vol.2 [LB016]

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Review | Various Artists ~ Internal Connections Vol.2 [LB016]

Review | Various Artists ~ Internal Connections Vol.2 [LB016]

Nottingham imprint Leftback is pulling no punches as they let fly with their 15th vinyl release. Further cementing the label’s reputation as a champion of a distinctive and forward-thinking brand of minimalist house and techno. This release is the second in their ‘Internal Connections’ series which first began last year with a brilliant various artist compilation. Combining the diverse flavors of 4 artists together into a sonically immersive release. We find the same magic at work here as Leftback welcomes some new names to the fold, including longtime Mint Club resident Annie Errez, Berlin-based livewire Luke Black, Ibiza based duo and real gang affiliates Miffy & Miller and lastly Matthias Schildger under his long-running Star Dub alias. Each contributes a unique and polished cut to the release, plying their own take on sonorous, dub-infused house and techno. 

Annie Errez opens the A-side with ‘SJV’.. a slamming low-end groover that charges full steam ahead, it’s billowing kick and bass line combo setting a paced rhythmic flow. Ethereal pads emanate across the upper frequencies like a warm breeze, perfectly contrasting the deeper hues that roll beneath. Tinny drum flourishes and tight snare taps will keep heads bopping whilst the mind floats away at the beck and call of those dreamy high notes. Next up we find Star Dubs A2 slice ‘Down The Road’.. he goes deep with a submerged microcosm of wonky sub bass lines and vaporous synth stabs that echo into endless cosmic space. Keeping the rhythm low and slow, hazy distortion creeps behind bubbling electronics and the rising pulse of those synth stabs. All and sundry coming together to form a dark and thoroughly intoxicating soundscape.            

A flip to the B side and we find Luke Black’s cut ’Talk It Through’.. a scintillating, sun-soaked cut featuring some super smooth vocal snippets and punchy keystrokes. As the bassline goes for a waltz, snappy drum programming permeates the space between, keeping things in a wondrous cruise control. Echo and delay are used with deadly precision on both vocal and synth, building an ecstatic atmosphere during the breakdown.. until that steady, bumping undercarriage kicks back in with gusto, topping off a sublime slice of carefree house music. Finally Miffy & Miller round out the release with B2’s ’Shhhh’.. crafting a deep and subtly hypnotic piece of dub flecked micro house. Wispy pads glide behind the gentle click of tempered drum taps, as a breakbeat infused rhythm plies a syncopated flow beneath. An elegant and soothing cut that’ll warm up those dancing shoes on any dance floor.  

Another perfect addition to the Leftback catalog, one that once again showcases the dynamic and warmly emotively sounds the labels has been celebrated for. You’ll be sure to hear these out on the club circuit, reeling into a blissful sonic embrace.  

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Internal Connections Vol. 2
Label: Leftback Records
Cat. number: LB016
Release date: 16.10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by Hendrik }{


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