feeder sound 189 mixed by V ka

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feeder sound 189 mixed by V ka

Ready for some deep techno music? V ka, our guest for this week is here to deliver! ✨

V ka (Vika) is a representative of the new wave of electronic music. Born in the central part of the Russian Federation during the collapse of the USSR, she started mixing at the age of 18. In a short period of time, she becomes a resident and also a welcomed guest at various local festivals and parties. Rapidly gaining popularity, V ka made a major breakthrough in her career by traveling with her music in Germany, Sweden, China, India and recently in Austria, as a part of Sven Vath‘s World Tour.

As an artist, she has an amazing ability to make elegant selections for her sets, influenced by various sounds, from warm microhouse and minimal techno to old-school electro and broken beats. She plays both vinyl and digital tracks and uses analog synthesizers when she performs live. For V ka it’s very important to make people feel what she wants to convey them. Each of her sets represents a new story with deep emotional overtones and some of her podcasts include collaborations with RTS.FM (Hungary), FM4 (Austria), Moodytech Radio (Romania), MondoBongo Radio (Greece), FLAT FM (Russia), Better Be Nice Afterhours (Austria). We’re adding feeder sound to this list as she prepared a groovy selection for us.

“The compilation consists of vinyl and digital tracks including unreleased tracks provided to me by talented producers from different countries. Here you can also hear two unreleased tracks created in collaboration with Azrtu with whom we fully coincide musical preferences.” – V ka

feeder sound 189 mixed by V ka explores deep and minimal sounds, flavoured by techy rhythms, strong basslines and melodic moments. The selection includes exotic cuts from Nicolas Bouzas, Suciu, Dani Labb, Amin RavelleCosmjn and Lizz, mixed with great care and energy. Her production work with Azrtu smoothly slips in, providing an insight into her future releases and delivering proper dancing vibes.


V ka on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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