Diferit – Edge Of Space [Emeth Records]

Diferit – Edge Of Space [Emeth Records]

Romanian based record label Emeth Records launches into space, with a wild 12” dispatched by local artist Diferit, backed-up by a solid remix from techno icon Christopher Ledger. The two-tracker already enjoys support from the likes of Raresh, DeWalta and Nu Zau, and properly introduces the freshly established imprint.

Grigoriu Cosmin aka Diferit is a producer and DJ with a passion for underground electronic music and with a style that blends an amalgam of genres designed to open horizons. From pumping tech rhythms to ambient, glitch, and resonant soundscapes, his music always delivers. Working with imprints like Leone Music, Tzinah, Susur and Why So Series, his dynamic productions will take you on a journey to a world of music where everything is possible. Joining Cosmin on this adventure, there’s Christopher Ledger, a man who needs no introduction. His relentless activity in the scene, as well as his releases with the likes of Mayak, Brouqade Records, Animae, and his own CL Series, stand as a statement for his unique vision on music. As a multidisciplinary artist, he lives and works between Rome and Berlin, and started studying classical composition years ago, consistently innovating his interpretation of techno music. Showcasing real fluidity between experimental, acoustic and electronic sound, he aims to integrate art in the scene through his performances.

Let’s get ready for take-off and travel to the “Edge Of Space” alongside these two talented artists. Check the snippets below and be sure to order your copy from deejay.de while this first release from Emeth is still in stock.

Side A features the original track, a deeply atmospheric cut driven by breakbeat influenced percussion and a prominent vocal sample that acts as a guide, at the “Edge Of Space”. The melodic bright pads deliver a spacious soundscape, as the beat brings forward energy and balance. Like a lighthouse providing a path over misty waterways, the record spins into Side B, where the remix takes it down a notch, into the realm of minimal. With strong deep tech influences, the re-interpretation is designed to make you feel the edge between electronic music and classical instruments. Emphasizing warm and hazy piano notes, Side B provides a subtle and beautiful contrast to this release, one that should find its way into any collector or selector’s record case. 🚀

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Artist: Diferit
Title: Edge Of Space
Label: Emeth Records
Cat. number: EMTH001
Release date: 15.10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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