Misbits’ Pick: Dead Rail #04

dead rail

Born in Turin, Italy, Dead Rail developed a creative mind expanded right on the edge of the wildest imagination. Maybe it is hanks to the psychedelic world he grew up in since his early ages of life. We know for sure that electronic music became his primary language, under this alias, as Topper or presenting his real identity: Matteo Taberna. He made a few quick appearances on labels like Sleep Is Commercial, All Inn Black or BP Mind Series, bringing consistency on his own imprint with 3 amazing releases, anchored in the minimalistic framework of electronic music.

The 4th iteration at Dead Rail brings 2 hauting cuts, dragging us directly into the sweaty & dark world of the afterparties: a dense atmosphere and one heavy bassline to guide us. As Side A, entitled Denim is nothing that pure cyborg energy, the flipside, Dr. J.R. Puccios comes with a slight jazzy feeling textured atop the obsessive snares.

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Artist: Dead Rail
Title:Dead Rail 04
Label:Dead Rail
Release date: 10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


words by: Vixi

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