Moratu – Ama 76 EP [Visage LTD]

Moratu – Ama 76 EP [Visage LTD]

Based in Paris, France, the freshly founded record label Visage LTD marks its debut with a solid 12” signed by Romanian artist Moratu and backed-up by a remix delivered by local icon Crihan. Titled “Ama 76 EP”, the three-tracker vinyl features an innovative techno sound, infused with off-the-wall minimal elements and experimental motifs. The artwork elegantly captures the feelings behind this wax, colour and pattern wise.

Florin Gavrila aka Moratu is a producer and DJ with more than five years dedicated to making music and playing wonderful selections at parties. His mesmerizing compositions showcase a particular style of techno, combining deep melodic structures, long harmonic pads and intricate effects with minimalistic and techy percussion. Enjoying support from the underground scene as well as from imprints like Soulsity, Nil, Beech Music, RedRaw and Complatt, he always brings forward top-notch material. In 2015 he establishes his own label, Oldvavis, through which he exclusively releases his music only, counting five records until now.

Crihan adds flavour to this EP contributing with a full-side cut, a deeply hypnotic re-interpretation of the title track. Already established as one of the most talented Romanian artists, his style always surprises and brings something new to the table. With labels like Ultrastretch, Naural, Catren and Uvar releasing his works, as well as sharing the decks with local and international well-known names at major parties and festivals, Alin Crihan proves his versatility as a rising musician. Fully dedicated to the craft, in 2017 he announces the launch of his own imprint, Mezin, to recently present its second wax, titled “Mesagerii”, hand-picked for a review by Misbits Record Shop, here.

Side A opens with “Ama 76”, a driving eerie tech rhythm designed with sharp percussion, swirling effects and reverberating pads in focus. A filtered vocal sample and subtle piano notes contribute to the ghostly atmosphere of the track, while the build-ups provide more space for echoes and reveal the bassline. Next, there’s “Part2”, a deep cut dominated by beautiful soft keys and spacious background textures. The percussion is built with dynamic drumming sequences and subtle glitched sounds, adding an alluring contrast to the track, that flows like a journey through sound and space. On Side B we find Crihan with his approach to “Ama 76” revealing a complex sound design characterized by a quirky rhythm that leads the modified layers of the original track into an organic dimension. The syncopated beat and the wavelengths of the bassline, as well as all the heavy modulated sounds, create an ethereal effect with a hypnotic balance. A groovy first for the French label, as this wax makes a great addition to any collector or selector’s bag.

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Artist: Moratu
Title: Ama 76 EP
Label: Visage LTD
Cat. number: VISAGE001
Release date: 11.09.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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