Dj Jace presents “Sheltered Society” on FineGrind Audio

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Dj Jace presents "Sheltered Society" on FineGrind Audio

Dj Jace presents “Sheltered Society” on FineGrind Audio

Data Transmission resident DJ Jace unleashes another Detroit inspired release titled “Sheltered Society”.
The tile track is the first of the three, and uses a relentless synth lead as its driving force. Next comes “House Sick”, a jacking ghetto house style track with a tight groove and some cool vocal chops, and “The Boxer” finishes off the ep with a hint of disco, but still in the jacking vein.
Out soon on FineGrind Audio.

TITLE: Sheltered Society
LABEL: FineGrind Audio
CAT. #: FGA159
GENRE: Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 01/10/2018

Words by Reach Promo

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