Ki.Mi. – Construction A [Kashatskikh]

Ki.Mi. – Construction A [Kashatskikh]

Published through his own freshly established imprint Kashatskikh Records, Kirill Kashatskikh aka Ki.Mi. presents his first release on vinyl, titled “Construction A”. Groovy, minimalistic and melodic, the three tracks featured on this wax are designed to fit in any kind of techno set at any party. There’s a limited number of pressings and they come packed in an amazing artwork as well.

Coming from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Ki.Mi. started producing electronic dance music in 1999 and only after a few years afterward, he explored more intensely the art of mixing. Organizing events, playing as a DJ and releasing remixes in digital format for various record labels led to the composition of an LP around 2005. An intense period of music making followed, and since 2010 his collaborations include working with Particles, Moon Harbour, Danse Club Recordings, Microbios Records, Haunt, Mixcult, and others. This first vinyl release comes after many years’ work and involvement in the local underground electronic scene and is beautiful. Check the snippets below.

Side A opens with “Planetari”, a driving and melodic rhythm infused with a strong and wobbling bassline, playfull pads and clear percussion. A minimalistic composition with subtle dubby patterns. The build-ups provide elegant sequences of breathing space, to then continue to hypnotize as the track flows. Following, there’s “RZD”, a more uplifting cut, flavoured with deep chords, crisp sounds and lo-fi modulations. A grainy filter effect stands out as the signature sound of this one, as the rolling beat unfolds with elegance. Making you feel like dancing in a daydream, this track transmits a lot of emotion and has a soulful nature. On the flipside we find “Sapsan”, a mesmerizing journey designed with dreamy background textures and whirling pads in focus. A steady tech rhythm transforms this cut into an ever-evolving sound, as the build-ups reveal possibilities of where the track can go.

kimi - construction a [kashatskikh] sleeve

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Artist: Ki.Mi.
Title: Construction A
Label: Kashatskikh Records
Cat. number: KR001
Release date: 01.08.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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