Peshka – Mood EP [Re.Face Limited]

Peshka – Mood EP [Re.Face Limited]

Re.Face Limited is a vinyl-only series published by Re.Face Records, an Italian label who promotes young talents and sophisticated sounds. The brand is also involved in planning events and throwing parties with international well-known artists, as well as DJs and producers who are at the beginning of their careers. The fourth installment on wax is titled “Mood EP” and is provided by Ukrainian artist Mark Fevralsky aka Peshka, who delivers two original tracks, backed-up by two remixes signed by VincentIulian and Vendi.

Peshka is known for his releases with Body Parts, Crocus, Lyssna Records, Susur Records, Inwave, Banoffee Pies, High-Jack, Minim.all and Whoyostro LTD. Exploring electronic music, he draws influence from a variety of styles, going from heavy industrial techno to atmospheric minimal, dub and deep house. Strong percussion and intricate modulations spice up his productions, as well as melodic pads and groovy tech rhythms. His two tracks on “Mood EP” have a futuristic feeling embedded in the composition, as the progressive sound blends with minimalistic techno elements.

VincentIulian is a Romanian DJ and producer that moves the crowd everywhere, from Sunwaves to Club der Visionaere and many many others. When he’s not in the studio, Vincent finds himself playing alongside Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Raresh, Priku, Valentino Kanzyani, Premiesku, Onur Ozer and Barac, to name just a few. His releases have been published by imprints like Moment, Metereze, Funhaus, Naural, Fabric and Atipic.

Vendi is a Berlin-based French artist with a passion for music since childhood. His endeavor in the realm of house and techno began with him spinning records for his friends at private parties, which transformed into mixing at clubs throughout his city and later across Europe. His works can be found in the catalogues of labels like Hoxton Records, Bodyparts, Silver Network, Sleep is Commercial, Inwave and Uzvar.

Opening the wax there’s “Mood”, the track that names the EP and introduces us to the hypnotic sound of this 12”. A technoid composition, the cut features a micro broken beat that leads the background layers into a morphing melodic structure. Long bright pads blend with wobbling arpeggios and vocal cuts are used to build atmosphere and prepare us for the journey. Next, we find VincentIulian on the remix, taking the original cut and re-interpreting it accordingly to the Romanian minimal sound. A techy percussion sets the pace, as the new set of pads and effects swirl around backed by the vocal sample that gains an electric modulation.

On Side B, “Zefir” unfolds an innovative sound flowing with constant progression. With influences from garage, techno and ambient music, the cut is deeply melodic and introspective. The rhythmic bassline and the syncopated beat display a groovy arrangement while the other layers make your mind to start wondering about unfamiliar things. Showcasing Peshka‘s versatility when it comes to production, this piece is a daring example. Closing the EP, Vendi‘s remix delivers a groovy approach to the original track. Long atmospheric pads fall into focus, as the percussion rolls on an uplifting note. A gliding balance is being felt throughout the composition providing a relaxed ending for this release.peshka mood ep sleeve

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Artist: Peshka
Title: Mood EP
Label: Re.Face Limited
Cat. number: REFACELIMITED004
Release date: 03.10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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