Explore Blasted’s unknown sounds

Explore Blasted's unknown sounds

Explore Blasted’s unknown sounds

Depth.Request sees a new hat being thrown into the techno ring. The hat in question is the label’s first EP Anvil—a post-tech five-tracker, and the person throwing it is Blasted—an Italian producer with a number of solid EPs to his name. Having had previously shared release credits with him on a number of occasions, Berlin’s renowned noisemaker Unhuman fits into the picture as well, being the one charged with remixing duties regarding the title track.

Setting common tact aside for a moment, the opener showcases Blasted indulging in esoteric inclinations by the means of concentrating on slick, abrasive sound design, cutting the number of kicks in half and utilizing a vocal sample to add a pinch of EBM into the mix. Unhuman’s slowed-down rework in turn evokes gears’ incessant grind at the backdrop of steam pressurizers going up and down in alteration, producing arrays of heavily plodding, whamming kicks. Breaking free of esoterism and leftfield production, the EP continues with Jawbreaker—a peak-time affair wherein the lows are ravaged by constant sub-bass pressure and ruthlessly striking, syncopated kicks, laid under the neatly-synthesized, impenetrable hats, pertaining to Blasted’s signature sound. On Filthy Goat, the assault continues with a renewed strength as anxious synths and panning hats gradually invade the scene shortly before the devastating kicks storm down in a hail of obliterating projectiles, creating a battlefield-evocative environment within this decimating, explosive stomper. Lastly, demonic closer Belial bids its fair digital-only-money’s worth of adieu with magnificent ambiance interwoven within the spectrum alongside meticulously arranged drumwork presented through plethora of varied, carefully picked samples.

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