feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime

feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime

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Originally from Hungary, DJ and producer Sanyi Egyed aka Schime had an extraordinary passion for music since childhood. His father, in particular, was a big influence and introduced him to electronic music at an early age. Over the years his passion evolved into dedication as he started composing his own works. Inspired by the environment around him, he designs mesmerizing atmospheric textures imbued with deep techno rhythms, dub patterns and strong percussion.

Exploring the subgenres, his latest drop on Welter Records, titled “061”, as well as “Outside EP” released with Vibe Experience are deep and dubby, while “Magnetic EP” dispatched by Vertigo Audio Recordings and “Dark Room EP” published by Tilth Music Limited are more intense and gloomy. Dream Mode, Savvy Records, Merger Music, OneSun Yellow and Async Records are among other labels Schime has worked with. A versatile artist, he delivers energy through his DJ sets as well, blending minimal and deep tech with hypnotic ambient moments. His “Bad Dream EP” will soon be available on vinyl on behalf of Simple Things Records, so stay sharp!

“A mix inspired by the art of the inner emotional world.” – Schime


feeder sound 182 mixed by Schime incorporates various styles of electronic dance music, from deep house flavoured cuts to minimalistic techy rhythms. The set starts in an uplifting melodic tone and smoothly fades into a balanced and groovy flow that features micro compositions as well as pumping sounds. Grainy atmospheric effects specific to dub techno are blended into the mix, giving it more depth and resonance. A notable experiment on this kind of sounds can be heard at the end of the mix, where the transition between tracks is created by deconstructing additional samples into abstract sounds. Enjoy this week’s podcast and lose yourself in this amazing journey!

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