Take 5 – Alexey Yarygin

We had a chat with ambient composer/producer Alexey Yarygin about his upcoming release on Alae Records; ‘Olimpia Garden’, the relationship between visual art and music & more. Check out what he had to say below.

Hi Alexey, so how did this release on Alae Records come about?

First of all I want to say a big thanks for the support to Alae Records. It was the label that caused the release and big warm relationship between us. There are two compositions on this release contrasting in mood and goals for listeners.

‘Olimpia Garden’ is set to be your debut release, why did you decide to release it now?

It happened now – so probably now its time has come!
We live in a difficult and interesting time. It requires us to be in the tedious flow of information – so we need time to relax, we need time to rest professionally, my aim in music revolves around this.

What’s the inspiration behind the EP?

Olimpia Garden was written after I was sitting in the Olimpia Garden Park in St. Petersburg about an hour or two – nature inspired me – I just rested – I opened my eyes and realized that it was nature that gives us the strengths that we need – I came home and in about an hour wrote a basic part of a song . Conclusion – we just need to rest more professionally – now it can be done with the music of Olimpia Garden.

Does visual art have any influence on how you create your music/your sound?

It was in the last month that I began to learn how to draw and get involved in art. The visual and sound zones of the brain – are neighbours – one is a trigger for another – it’s natural that we see images listening to music and also hear the music seeing images – one helps the other – I tried to compose classical music using visual images – it worked out quite well – you can listen to it on my YouTube channel.

Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on your sound?

I got a great musical influence from the music of Pat Metheny, from jazz musicians and great composers of the past, in particular this release is influenced by Niels Fram.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

In the near future I plan to make a live performance with my last project made in the synthesis of acoustic and electronic music. This collaboration includes piano, electronic live musician and bass player. In general, my main idea in music now is an attempt to play sophisticated classical music with modern electronic instruments. For this I will try to do collaborations -it’s difficult – but I’m still inspired.

Is there anybody you’d love to collaborate with over the next while?

I’m always glad to make a collab with good people and good musicians – so musical children are born. Who will be in the future? – I do not know yet!

Alexey Yarygin – Olimpia Garden is out 10/09 on Alae Records.

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