Moonlit Vision – Stood Beneath The Sun EP [Phörus]

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Moonlit Vision – Stood Beneath The Sun EP [Phörus]

The second 12” coming from the fresh Spanish record label Phörus features the British duo Moonlit Vision, who team up for a remix with Rich NxT, the notorious figure behind FUSE London and What NxT imprints.

Callum Vaughan and Ross Houghton have enjoyed working together as producers and DJs and their compositions have been released on labels such as E1even Records, Left Wing Recordings, Yoruba Grooves, What NxT, Tough Luck Records and DubGestion. With a style that combines minimal, dub and techno elements the duo always reveal a dynamic sound, with sophisticated transitions and exotic influences. “Stood Beneath The Sun EP” is their latest adventure in the realm of pumping tech rhythms, seasoned with micro funk details that will make any dancefloor shake.

Side A opens with “Intuition”, a groovy cut that features a funky bassline that leads the percussion and the vocals into a hypnotic rhythm. The glitched effects add flavour to the track as they merge in with subtility. A2, titled “Soul Love”, keeps the pumping beat going while having deep and soulful patterns included. The vocal cuts can be heard again while long-delayed pads are introduced in the background. On Side B we find Rich NxT on the remix of “Soul Love” delivering a melodic re-interpretation by bringing lush sounds into the track’s original build-up. Exotic and groovy, this wax is perfect for an uplifting experience!

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Artist: Moonlit Vision
Title: Stood Beneath The Sun EP
Label: Phörus
Cat. number: PHÖ002
Release date: 14.08.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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