feeder sound 178 mixed by Vess

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feeder sound 178 mixed by Vess

feeder sound 178 mixed by Vess

Adjust the volume of your sound equipment dear feeders (and make sure it’s set on LOUD) because this week’s podcast is recorded for frantic dancing! A formidable way to spend a hot Friday in a summer of beats here of feeder sound!

Timișoara based Vess is musically challenged by great artists with the ability to surprise. Her musical vision is based on complexity, creativity, smooth transitions and universal sounds, defining a style that is both mental and danceable.

Fresh in the Romanian electronic music scene, Vess already shared the decks with the likes of Lucas, Nu Zău, Sepp, Xandru, Kozo and many others in her musical adventures at major local and international parties or festivals. When playing, she goes beyond genres, incorporating psychedelic, dub and experimental music with minimal, deep house or pounding techno rhythms.

“I like when you listen to a track or set over and over again and it becomes better every time. It becomes timeless. That’s the quality that I seek the most in electronic music. My set for feeder sound was built on that.” – Vess


feeder sound 178 mixed by Vess delivers strong techno beats that keep evolving and morphing as eerie electronic music cuts come into play. Designed like a journey into the realm of underground dance music, Vess proves to be a versatile DJ as the mix flows and the 4/4 rhythm sustains an ever-changing background sound. From pure pounding vibrations to old-school vintage cuts, this set incorporates an energetic vibe so be sure to put on your dancing shoes when you hit play! ✨

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Words by AndreiB


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