Makunouchi Bento – Bodrog OST

Makunouchi Bento - Bodrog OST (Front) [Small]

Bodrog OST is Makunouchi  Bento’s first feature film original soundtrack. 

Bodrog is an “almost horror” mockumentary directed by Mihai Sălăjan aka Selfmademusic.


One should never lose the ability to lose oneself. This is the true meaning behind indefinite erring, of getting slowly pulled away and led astray. To meander, to traipse, to swerve and to ramble like a river out of its riverbed. One can get lost in outer space and one can get lost right here on good ol’ planet Earth. More precisely, right here in this obscure, semi-abandoned, flooded village of Old Bodrog on the banks of Mures river.

Bodrog sounds just like it is. It’s a movie about what could be the last artist residency on Earth. Bodrog is the nowhere where hapless humans have to be dealt with in order for rivers to keep on flowing, flowers to keep on blooming and for tendrils to grow larger and larger. Bodrog is an endless summer maze of a movie and a marvelous soundtrack feeding your inner/outer voices, distant calls and slimy invertebrate trails amongst bizarre gardening cultivars and catfish legends.

Text by Dr. Ștefan Tiron

Bonus tracks included:
– A demo song we made for Atom Hub’s “Genius Loci: Obzor” Kontakt library. The main theme (Bodrog: Arrival) is built upon this track.
– 3 songs written by Mihai Sălăjan (Selfmademusic) for Bodrog OST, before he decided to ask us to score the film.
– The trailer music, written by Mihai Sălăjan (Selfmademusic).
– 1 hidden track (Ștefan’s wake-up alarm from the film), written by Nagz. Only if you download the OST!

Released on July 20, 2018

Tracks 01-17 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma (Makunouchi Bento)

Tracks 18-21 written, produced, mixed and mastered by Mihai Sălăjan aka Selfmademusic

Track 22 [hidden] written, produced, mixed and mastered by Dávid Halmi aka Nagz

Artwork by Octavian Belințan (Colorblind Studio)

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