De Fantastiske To ‘Saharaball EP’ (incl. Yam Who? and Alinka Remixes) [Black Riot Records]

De Fantastiske To 'Saharaball EP’

De Fantastiske To – ‘Saharaball EP’ (incl. Yam Who? and Alinka Remixes)

Black Riot Records

De Fantastiske To unleash their fab new 4 track release ‘Saharaball EP’ including tasty remixes from Alinka & Yam Who?. Tha Scandi duo kicks off party proceedings with “Lettbeint’, A groovy percussive jam that flows with a synthetic Calypso vibe. Yam Who? strips things down with punchy Disco version, keeping the Calypso vibe whilst injecting a cool vocal hook balearic piano. Alinka offers up a powerful Tech rework of ‘Hardtslående’ laced with menacing synth stabs, underpinned by a feisty bass. The EP titled track ‘Saharaball’, is an infectious low slung gem with raw percussive tribal beats, where sounds of the Middle Eastern meet contemporary synthology. An excellent and very diverse EP!

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