feeder sound 176 mixed by Capej

feeder sound 176 mixed by Capej

feeder sound 176 mixed by Capej

Get ready to dive into exotic electronic music rhythms with this week’s episode of feeder sound series!

Capej is the culmination of subliminal and delectable grooves of a Shamanistic origin. His sound experimentation pays respect to great civilizations of time’s gone past: the Mayans, the Incas, the Egyptians, the Greek, the Mesopotamians. History, sound, art & culture. His Shamaan’s Hidden Cult outlet is the place for this sonic pursuit, a foray into the minimal and the luscious side of electronic music.

His 8-track album debut, Cult:ure All:ure, will be out on Shamaan’s Hidden Cult as the 1st release, later on this year. Beautiful, exotic and immersive themes will be ever prevalent in this diverse showcase of grandeur. Stay sharp!

“For my first Feeder set I have for you some unreleased minimal from my friends in France, along with some gems and some of my vinyl collection. Enjoy!” – Capej


feeder sound 176 mixed by Capej incorporates a various selection of groovy sounds and styles, mixed with elegance. From electric and wobbling rhythms to deep and minimalistic moments. Uplifting and joyous, this mix delivers an energetic vibration, so hit play and start dancing! 🔊

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Words by AndreiB


feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.


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