feeder sound 175 mixed by VAVAV

feeder sound 175 mixed by VAVAV

feeder sound 175 mixed by VAVAV

This week’s guest for the feeder sound series delivers the groovy house sound of New York. His mix will make you start this weekend with a desire to go out and dance!

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark and now residing in New York, Emil Bovbjerg aka VAVAV is a very skilled musician that likes to play and experiment in many ways. As an arranger and composer in the modern jazz world, he writes scores for small and large ensembles using uncommon production techniques that create unique compositions. As a producer and DJ he is surrounded by analogue gear and vinyl. His music is warm and groovy and his sets always incorporate melodic rhythms, soulful harmonies, deep cuts and powerful basslines.

“Delighted to share some favorite sides of the moment. Mostly newer releases here but also room for a few B-side gems, a lone techno vivace at halftime to cleanse the palate and an original at the end from my recent record. I tend to favor music that is honest and not too busy covering up its vulnerability with distractions. Straight to the point, warm, unafraid. Hopefully it speaks to you. With love.” – VAVAV


feeder sound 175 mixed by VAVAV is an engaging journey into house and techy rhythms, delivering hypnotic as well as deep and soulful moments. Balanced by punchy cuts here and there, the mix flows from one track to another with elegance, managing to capture a variety of emotions in one take. The perfect sound to start the weekend on!

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Words by AndreiB


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