Wave Particle Singularity – Momentum [MOFIV006] – Vinyl Only –

Momentum Front

Wave Particle Singularity – Momentum [MOFIV006] – Vinyl Only –

Momentum (MOFIV006) has four original tracks by Algerian producer Selim Bouziri aka Wave Particle Singularity, capturing Moral Fiber‘s distinctive deep and groovy sound. Inspired by traditional drummers in Algerian streets and Sahara’s desert, Wave Particle Singularity‘s dark but warm, steady but dynamic, original and captivating music is represented as an expression of pureness and authenticity standing on an honest backbone of creativity that is not marred by any idea of commercialism.

Momentum, that’s how I named my latest 4 tracks EP on the Dutch imprint Moral Fiber, a vinyl only release representing a set of expressions bridging my engineering background to a variety of philosophical thoughts and perceptions I enjoy diving into. – Wave Particle Singularity


Grab your copy of Momentum at deejay.de

Artist: Wave Particle Singularity
Title: Momentum
Label: Moral Fiber LTD
Cat. number: MOFIV006 
Release date: 08.06.2018
Format: vinyl-only



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