feeder sound 169 mixed by Fulvio Ruffert [Unknown Label]

feeder sound 169 mixed by Fulvio Ruffert [Unknown Label]

feeder sound 169 mixed by Fulvio Ruffert [Unknown Label]

Hello, feeders, and welcome back to the weekly feeder sound series. Are you ready to rock the funky beats? Because this episode is full of energy and good vibes. You can enjoy a mix, spanning almost two hours, recorded by Fulvio Ruffert in Milan, Italy, where he lives and works. His distinguished deep, dubby minimal techno productions seem simple but are intricately constructed, burying minuscule sample edits under atmospheric washes. After releasing his own tracks on labels such as Kina Music, Earlydub Records, Bodyparts, Act Natural or Serkal, together with Gregorio Serasin, they created their own imprint named Unknown Label. It‘s the right place where music speaks for itself and artists can go beyond their limits and fully express their potential.

“I recorded this one before leaving for Ade. This mix contains some of my favourite tracks of the moment, from my label and friends. It was my travelling companion on several occasions, I hope people like it.” – Fulvio Ruffert

feeder sound 169 mixed by Fulvio Ruffert is a long journey, exactly what you need for a long weekend. The mix starts in an interesting way and will keep you engaged from a track to another, not even noticing the transitions. Many times you‘ll find yourself lost in organic grooves amplified by dynamic and melodic rhythms that drive you in altered states. This recording is an affirmation of independent labels that highlight the quality of sound and the potential of the upcoming fresh artists. Focused on his productions, Fulvio Ruffert manages to overlay a mysterious vibe resulting from an unusual selection and the well-defined attention to all the details involved in the final arrangement of the set.

Feed your appetite for unreleased and unheard music from the local and international scene every week with a new chapter in the feeder sound column. Stay connected and experience this hypnotic recording. 🔊

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