Soul Gathering Retreat Returns October 11-14 2018, La Lumiere, South France

The Soul Gathering

The much anticipated Soul Gathering Retreat returns to the beautiful area of La Lumiere this autumn.

Headed by Founder and Transformational Speaker Durga Holzhauser, the 4-day event starting on 11th October will focus on the theme ‘The Feminine Leader on Fire’. The all-female retreat uncovers the depths of ‘The Age of Self Empowerment For Women’ and provides a platform for international female leaders to become realigned and empowered.

The Soul Gathering Society was set up in 2013, with the very first Soul Gathering happening with a small group of women. Today the gathering has grown year on year with an expected number to reach 50 this year. The event creates a community of like-minded individuals and visionaries for the future; through full creative expression attendees will access and give birth to new ideas that may have been left dormant. All with a vision to help achieve and sustain creative flow for busy female leaders of today.

Over the course of the gathering, there will be yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and workshops, talks and demonstrations. This year will see talks and workshops from world-class practitioners and speakers including Samiel Carolina, Nihola Driever, Rodriguez Barroz and Carolina Senges. Throughout the four days, guests with also experience delicious fresh organic produce from Tatie Carrotte, providing local vegan and vegetarian food.

Hannah Mang previous attendee comments
The Soul Gathering was an inspiring and powerful experience – both on an individual and a collective level.
Unique women from all across the globe bought their skills and strengths together into masterminds, meditations, exercises, talks and created a visionary movement. I’ll go home centered, re-connected and strong.

Full tickets will be released on 20 May 2018, to register your interest please visit

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