Benny & Jace remix Philip G Dunsmore’s tracks “House” and “Colours”

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Benny & Jace remix Philip G Dunsmore's "House" and "Colours" FGA155

Benny & Jace remix Philip G Dunsmore’s tracks “House” and “Colours”

Fine Grind co-owners Benny & Jace loved Philip G Dunsmore‘s tracks “House” and “Colours” so much that they insisted on doing remixes of Phil’s originals. Benny takes “House” to a deep, dark place, while Jace turns “Colours” into a jackin workout. The result is a fresh revamp delivering a big load of energy to the original tracks, making this pack a great tool for the dancefloor. Out on June 16th on Fine Grind Audio!

ARTIST: Philip G Dunsmore
TITLE: House & Colours Remix Ep Ft. Benny Knox & DJ Jace
LABEL: Fine Grind Audio
CAT. #: FGA155
GENRE: Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 16/06/2018

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