Ekkohaus – E For Ekko Ep (The Remixes)[Cenital]




After the excellent EP that was released by the famous Greek producer Ekkohaus through Cenital Music not so long ago, it is now time to taste the batch of remixes made by some of the strongest and most active producers in the Spanish scene such as Marcos In Dub, Disco Felino, Rafa Santos, Fractalis, Hyman Bass and Oncina, the label boss.

Marcos In Dub, usually on labels like Poker Flat, Baile Musik or Bla Bla, is responsible for transforming ‘Going Nowhere’ into a marvel which has a bit of techno and house, with a high dose of groove, as is usual in the magnificent run that he has been on the last few years. Hyman Bass – another of the label’s usual ones – remixes the same theme without abandoning the groove, although this time it brings him closer to the beach, the sun and the summer heat, infusing it with more pad-based melodies, vocals and piano, as well as taking it to more house orientated ground.

If what we are looking for is high-quality house, we can find more in the ‘Dub Accent’ remix of Rafa Santos, head of the label Great Plan Records. On this track, he gives a master class on how to warm up the dance floor, with a theme that falls in love with each and every one of its components, with a bass that grabs you by the neck and takes you to dance as if there was no tomorrow, accompanied perfectly by a hugging, loving feeling, and some pads that evolve bit by bit until bursting in your face (and ears).

Nor can we miss the ‘Knight Out’ remix that Oncina, label owner of Cenital Music, offers up, where it seems to make us look at the space while we dance tightly and enjoy that low dub, those celestial strings and vocals and a progression to takes us directly to heaven.

But men not only live by House and Techno. The remaining remixes gives variety to this excellent batch. Disco Felino, aka Ivan Smoka, one of the most respected DJs and producers from Spain’s capital city, will leave the whole world upside down with his remix of “Mataro”. It starts off sounding a bit like nu-disco and then takes on a more trancy vibe and progressiveness, always with a slow and joyful rhythm that will gradually make you leave all your problems behind and focus only on enjoying those ascending and playful arpeggios.

To close the celebrations we have Fractalis, a producers duo, who also take “Mataro” but instead of taking it for a walk through the cosmos and the beyond, they dedicate themselves to doing something more cerebral, infusing it with IDM, polishing the rhythms a sharp point until they cut the air that they cross. Together with a precise and precious melody, it all makes us close our eyes and drift away.

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