Damien Hirst – The Veil Paintings at Gagosian

Damien Hirst – The Veil Paintings at Gagosian

Damien Hirst painting in his studio his latest series “The Veil Paintings,” for the upcoming exhibition at Gagosian Beverly Hills.

“For me, the Veil paintings are about now, about something energetic forming, like planets or ideas, they are about growth. I want them to feel like you’re looking through a sheer curtain at something patterned in a colourful, complicated garden beyond, and both the curtain and the garden are moving and work with each other and against each other.

I have lots of wanky conceptual ideas about them and I could witter on forever, but ultimately I want you to get lost in them I want you to fall into them and I want them to delight your eyes and make you want to stay in the painting.” – Damien Hirst

The exhibition is open for public until April 14, 2018.

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