Correigh delivers hot new EP w/ Roska, Jook 10, EKTO1 & Turrican

Exciting UK breakthrough artist Correigh recently hit the global airwaves with her latest EP continuing her quality streak of songs finding global success. Stolen EP is a vibrantly mixed package that takes on a turn of genres. The lead single ‘Stolen’ hails a reference to Goldie’s classic ‘Inner City Life’ with a touch of ‘Everything But The Girl’ and an early Way out West intonation, with sleek production. We hear Roska and Jook 10 deliver an impeccable urban-house remix, a co-feature from EKTO1 widely known for his output on Full Cycle (Roni Size’s imprint), then moving to a modern deep house, cutting-edge interpretation with Turrican turning in a trademark mix on ‘Stay With Me Till Dawn’ rendering an amazing collaboration between Correigh and her two sisters Kristie and Kayleigh aptly showcasing the pool of talent within her family, before finishing with a neo-pop approach on the ‘Stolen Acoustic Mix’ that ensures worldwide radio play.

Well worth a listen and support for house-hybrid fans and traditional singer/songwriter listeners. You are assured that Correigh will be appearing a lot more in the future as her own releases and collaborations always hit the mark.

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