feeder insider w/ Khidja [en]

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feeder insider Khidja

feeder insider w/ Khidja [en]

Always on the run, Rusu and Flore from Khidja have always known how to intrigue their audiences, whether they are organizing exclusive parties in Bucharest or they are experimenting production at high standards with limitless influences. From Detroit techno to new wave, from deep disco to house of Golden Age, from progressive rock and Latin to Arabian rhythms, they play music they consider relatable to people. Their mission? Khidja wants to embark the listener onto a darkish trip from which they will never want to come back.

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Favourite visual artists are… Bill Viola & Rudolf Belling.
Most enjoyable places on Earth are… Home, Tokyo, Berlin.
It always smells like home when… I smell garlic and vetiver.
The go-to comfort food is… “Holy Flat” Berlin, mashed potatoes with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti A.O.P. with black tiger shrimps.
Last philosophical debate… Why is the snare drum blue?
Without the internet… we’d have a better back and probably be free.
The best secret place in Bucharest is… Outernational Festival.
Favourite Sunday treat… Fav friendly face, a home cooked meal (usually with fries) and a decent film.
Own invention would be… own version of Cardamom, Yogurt, Honey and Bananas.
Weird is when… you feed the animals hiding in your room. Weird is when you spray deodorant on a plane, this just happened.

Sinzi Baltac: You completely mesmerized us with Old Blue Opium Marzipan for Almost Exotic (Katzele). Can you tell us the story behind it in a few words?

Khidja: It was mainly made on the road, in airports and trains. In-between places. Killing time in a pleasurable way. It’s hard to describe what it means to us but we also prefer to let the listener come up with his own interpretation.

Wes Baggaley Khidja (Rusu si Flore) Chlorys, GemsSinzi: You’re playing on Friday in Guesthouse along with UK artist Wes Baggaley, techno genius Chlorys and Gems? How do you get in the musical mood for the party?

Khidja: It’s always a pleasure to play in Bucharest alongside dear friends. Chlorys is family so that’s very sweet. Really excited about the sound system in Guesthouse. Preparation is nothing more than surfing, whether through iTunes, Youtube or local record stores to find something new that will blow our mind.


Sinzi: Massive congratulations for being part of the Dekmantel line-up this summer. How excited are you and what do you have in mind for the show? No spoilers, of course!

Khidja: Thanks very much! Yes, we were over the moon about it. Here are a few key things: Live set / venue looks like a concert hall / most of the incorporated material will be very new, we will be quite nervous but will keep it under total control.

Sinzi: Sonically wise, what is the general feel you want to induce to the crowd with your music?

Khidja: The feeling that you’re embarking on a dark voyage, an adventure full of interesting sounds from the past, present and future.


Sinzi: Favorite muses for Khidja?

Khidja: Hannah Hoch, Grace Jones, Cate Blanchett.

Sinzi: Now let’s take a ride on the nostalgia patch and go back to high school, in the Web era, where it all started. How would you describe the influences that period had on your music today?

Khidja: Really big influence, no question. We’re still doing the same thing basically but enforced by new waves of music. Also, in the meantime, we got a lot more technical with studio equipment when it comes down to production. It became a big part of our everyday life.


Sinzi: What is the biggest ambition you envisioned for Khidja?

Khidja: It’s a lifestyle for us.

We are determined to live it up to eleven and beyond if possible. Haha

Sinzi: After releases at brilliant labels like Hivern, Malka Tuti, Dark Entries, Emotional Especial and Love On The Rocks, tell us a bit about the delish remix you cooked up for Borusiade’s Silent at Comeme?

Khidja: It started of like jam. Once the main groove was in place, the bass and the rhythm section, we came up with chords for it and then it took off in a certain direction which we were happy to pursue. A real pleasure to remix our dear high-school friend Boru.

Sinzi: feeder.ro turning 14 this year as the main alternative nation’s news agency. Do you remember when you first visited feeder.ro? Are the online platforms still valid means of communications?

Khidja: Feeder was actually one of the first online platforms that promoted our flyers and parties. We used to get in touch with Igu and ask if he could post our flyer. Nice memories.


Sinzi: Being avid diggers, you probably gathered an impressive vinyl collection. As hard as it may be, can you make a top 5 of the most valuable records you own?

Khidja: There are quite a few records we keep for retirement days but they are far from being favorites, just rare and expensive. Here are a few that everyone could afford and are dope. Recent favorites old and new:
Carter Tutti Void – 𝒇 (x)
Indoor Life – Indoor Life
Holger Czukay – Rome remains Rome
Klaus Schonning – Lydglimt
Chris Hinze – Meditation & Mantras Vol. 1 & 2
Jon Hassell – Aka Darbari Java
Steve Shehan – Arrows CD

Words by Sinzi Baltac
Photos by Daniel Robert Dinu

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