Pisica Pătrată x Un-hidden Bucharest Art Toy Bubblehead

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Pisica Pătrată x Un-hidden Bucharest Art Toy

Pisica Pătrată x Un-hidden Bucharest Art Toy Bubblehead

Gazing up into the darkness, the Bubblehead cat likes to contemplate the night sky. Her special power is eavesdripping. ✨ This unique cat is entirely handcrafted by the artist out of wood, then painted in acrylics and protected with lacquer. It is a 70 x 70 x 130 mm art toy who likes to watch the constellations all night long! 🔭

This unique art toy created by Pisica Pătrată for the Un-Hidden Bucharest campaign is now available in the feeder online shop.


Pisica Pătrată

Alexandru Ciubotariu aka Pisica Pătrată is one of the most acclaimed illustrators and muralists in Romania, and also the founder of the Comic Strip Museum. He constantly works, draws square cats and accepts all sorts of challenges. His street-art works signal forgotten places and inspire dialogue.

Ciubi is one of the artists with whom we lovingly collaborate with interesting results in projects such as CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre and Un-hidden Bucharest. This summer we explored Pisica Pătrată’s universe full of colour and positive messages. It is a multifaceted cat, omnipresent in the local public space, which alerts many marginalized or even avoided subjects.

Un-hidden Bucharest

Un-hidden Bucharest is a cultural project produced by Save or Cancel x feeder.ro, designed as a series of 3 new art interventions and a guided art journey into public space, aiming at humanizing Bucharest and promoting its understanding and exploration through art. The 3 new urban installations/signals at Centrului Național al Dansului București Sala Omnia, Lente, Cinema Marconi, are created by the artists Pisica Pătrată, Skinny Bunny, VJ VLC, Sorina Vazelina & Primitiv Print.

In addition, the 2017 pilot edition produces an online and a printed edition map of 24 public space of Bucharest where city dwellers and tourists can find independent, exciting street artworks.


Did you know that…


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Sirius is also known colloquially as the “Dog Star“, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Majoris (Greater Dog). The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the “dog days” of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians in the Southern Hemisphere the star marked winter and was an important reference for their navigation around the Pacific Ocean.

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