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Tethers is a track inspired by the interconnectedness of everything. How systems work together and depend on each other to allow life and magic to become part of our reality.

Tethers has a bright, clear, and uplifting vibe. Be inspired by this tribute to the cycles of life and the blueprint of nature that sustains us. When one world ends another is created from the seeds of its knowledge and wisdom.

Undulations of leaves
Electric clouds above the trees
Invisible forces shaking
Making waves for life’s taking

With Tethers of intelligence
Connecting all of these
From great wave of thought
One can see how life breathes

How the outside’s sustained
From the knowledge contained within
It starts with a spark
A crystal forms and then it spins

It’s moving so fast
That it’s stillness is just illusion
One must study this notion
To eradicate confusion


ARTIST: Kevin Valentine
TITLE: Tethers
LABEL: Sonorus Kreative
CAT. #: SK0002
GENRE: Electronic
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 14/02/2018

Words by Reach Promo

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