OdD discuss their most essential musical moments

OdD are a British production pairing consisting of Damien Daley and Danny Dixon. The duo behind the OdD Music label are quickly winning fans at home and abroad thanks to their effortlessly simple but always sophisticated minimal sound. As one of them has been playing drums and producing music for over 10 years and the other has been a Dj and an avid music collector, by combining these skills and knowledge, OdD gets that distinctive sound and style like no others.

Here, we caught up with the lads as they gave us a brief introduction to what they consider their most essential musical moments to date.


Thirty Three & A Third – Stroboscope EP (OdD Music)

This was our first release on our label, OdD Music after a two-year break. So we dusted off some old analogue kit to create this track. It’s dark and groovy, just how we like it!


Making Moves – Cold Fusion EP (Infuse Records)

A landmark release for us. Getting involved with the Fuse London team had been long overdue! We sampled the rapper Big L to make it a bit more special…


Spud Bm 7: B5 – Tapes of Old 2 (OdD Music)

This track is dedicated to an old friend who passed away. He would always say ‘Do whatever you want to do, no matter what people say’. This one is full of emotion, with a surprise at the end…


Leontopodium (OdD Remix) – Photosynthesize EP (OdD Music)

It was really cool to work with Barac as he is such a talented producer and DJ. The whole EP was a really fun project as we both had an original track and remixed each other’s tracks to make it a double 12” release.


Ayahuasca – Long Time Coming EP (Sol Asylum)

DMT inspired that weekend… I think we made about 5 tracks in two days! It was great to get our music out on a label based in Berlin and it gave us the opportunity to Dj over there several times for the label’s parties and form a firm friendship with all the guys at Sol Asylum Records.


OdD’s Stroboscope EP is out now on OdD Music. What is your favourite OdD track? Let us know! 🙂


words by OdD & AndreiB
photo by Normski Anderson
lists feeder.ro

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