M.E.M.O. selects his top 8 Mobilee tracks

M.E.M.O picks out his favourite tracks on Mobilee. M.E.M.O.’s ‘Tai Tai‘ is out on 26/01 on Mobilee Records.


1 – Far Out – Sebo K

I have very funny memories of this track, it was a classic in the afters of Marbella in 2007.


2 – Bleize – Anja Schneider 

Super groove of Anja in this Mobilee classic, good mix of minimal and house with the hook of the melodic pads.


3. Bittersweet – Rodriguez jr.

Perfect for a morning after, cheerful and fun this cut of Rodriguez Jr. sounds like everything he does! Amazing!


4. Rubbo Swingo – Rodriguez jr.

On it I love the crazy melody and the automation of the main synth, they are translate into many years of experience and talent of this master of production.


5. Cut the crap – Miss Kittin, Nicolas Masseyeff

It is the kind of track that when it appears on the dance floor generates good energy and fun. The vocals stay quickly in your head and do not let go. Nice mix of Nicolas and Miss Kittin.


6. Vintage – Anja Schneider

I really like this kind of timeless tracks, Beats 808, a penetrating and elegant deep makes of it a pleasant trip.


7. Watching you – Re.you

This is one of Re.you’s bombs that I like the most. It has already time but I still play it a lot in my sessions.


8. Creature of time – Reset Robot

When Reset Robot makes this style with more percussion I enjoy it a lot, because he finds the perfect point of intensity and freshness. It is one of the latest Mobilee releases that I like the most.


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