Modern House Quintet – Egée EP

Following on from the success of last year, French live act the Modern House Quintet return here with another EP that beautifully encapsulates all that’s special about their warm, analogue-infused sound. Regardless of other they’re producing as the Modern House Quintet (but don’t be fooled – they’re very much a double act only!) or their recent alias, Cyclades, the boys’ work is always draped in quality from start to finish. Thankfully, the Egée EP, the latest release on their self-titled label offers a further example of their undoubted talent and rich production nous.

The release opens with ‘Lisa’, a warm track with a sunny disposition that’s perfect for these cooler climes. Full of heart-warming keys and twinkle-toed melodies, it’s a charming cut that gets the release off to a flying start. ‘Chora’ sees the lads go significantly deeper, with an endearing baseline set against a frantic, techno backdrop. Indicative of the other side of their production arsenal, it’s the sort of complex track that is perfectly suited to a live act.

Seeing us out the door is the sounds of ‘Schinoussa’. A dubby track that echoes the work of the likes of Jeff Mills and Basic Channel, its a rough and ready cut that’s been tailor-made with the night’s more servant moments in mind. A release of contrasting sounds and emotions, the seventh release on Modern House Quintet’s label compounds their reputation as ones to watch in 2018.

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