feeder sound 148 mixed by Fuueihou [Druzhba]

feeder sound 148 Fuueihou

feeder sound 148 mixed by Fuueihou [Druzhba]

Co-founder of the vinyl-only label Druzhba Records & founding member of the house duo Fuzoku, Nick Sabev a.k.a. Fuueihou has been exploring the nostalgia-fuelled musical boundaries between past and present since the start of his artistic career in 2007. His aesthetic mixtapes all pose the familiar question – is it all fantasy or just a never-ending dream?

Release-wise they have been active on labels such as Sake & Vinyl Only, Baile Musik, Yoruba Grooves, Hypnotic Room, DeepWit Recordings & more. Their tracks have been remixed by established artists like Hideo Kobayashi, Marko Nastic, Satoshi Fumi & others.

“I feel happy to be part of the feeder.ro podcast series as this is a platform I’ve been following for quite some time. As usual, I tried to put together atmospheric tracks that (if listened from start to finish) aim to aesthetically elevate each listener while making him question what’s real and what not. I hope your readers / listeners will enjoy the mixtape as much as I did when selecting those tracks from my record bag. Mulțumesc!”

An elegant journey through deep vibes and groovy rhythms, with subtle swings between laid-back beats and punchy basslines, feeder sound 148 mixed by Fuueihou is full of emotions, as the sound flows like water in a stream. The selection is carefully balanced and introspective in nature featuring takes with advanced chord structures, dubby atmospherics and swift vocal cuts that can easily make your mind start wondering about the nature of things. 🚀


Fuzoku on soundcloud | facebook
Druzhba Records on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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