Makunouchi Bento – 3 Electrical Snowghosts

Behold the latest Makunouchi Bento self-released EP: 3 Electrical Snowghosts = 3 cinematic, experimental lullabies.

Free download / pay what you want. Choose the lossless formats for 24bit 48kHz!

Cover artwork by Sorina Vazelina.
Bonus artwork by Santiago J. Franzani & Felix Petrescu.
Story by Dr. Ștefan Tiron.

[background hum interrupted by vibrating haptic sounds] … with her dedicated, soothing and unmistakable – “perfect calm omega series” – vocalization, fresh out of the delivery box, including an inbuilt slightly auto-tune-ish sounding Text-To-Speech, instantly adaptable to thousands of nearly dead or dying languages via remote replay, featuring a standard selection of tasty literary tidbits including Frank Herbert’s Dune, The Little Zen Companion or The Improved Self: A Solution? – she [the upgraded nanny] looked down upon the Mabento box as an unrepentant, elderly duo of slumber-party scribblers…

[hum continues] … probably this was the kind that induced embarrassing narcoleptic states only when combined with a degenerate, regressive storytelling habit that pushed the holy Brotherhood of Grimm and their successors (from Kassel Grimm Museum Inc.) to ban and replace, possibly even factory reset the first elderly crone employed at European high courts of yore, that included into her grating bedtime repertoire troubling aspects such as: Red Riding Hood’s menstrual blood rituals, eating-your-own-grandma recipes and flirting-with-wolves tutorials [pink noise and then a long nauseating pause]…

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