LIST: 4 Interesting Places for an Unusual Dinner in Bucharest

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4 Interesting Places for an Unusual Dinner in Bucharest

LIST: 4 Interesting Places for an Unusual Dinner in Bucharest

After a hard day’s work sometimes all that you need is to take some time and relax. It’s time to guide you to some awesome places in Bucharest that can surely brighten your evening.

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Call some friends and explore, because these spaces have much to propose, from contemporary design and friendly atmosphere to delicious and varied menus. If it’s a proper dinner with your partner or a chat with some friends over a glass of fine wine, it’s just a matter of choice. Dare to discover the bohemian, alternative sides of Bucharest! 😍


Gram Bistro

Bd. Nicolae Titulescu, no. 4-8

Located in the heart of the city, Gram Bistro is a carousel of senses, a place where you can enjoy a delicious homemade menu, cocktails or a good coffee in a funky and friendly atmosphere. The modern design, which harmoniously combines rustic, industrial and urban elements, gives the place a vibrant energy. The menu is varied and the emphasis is put on fresh and healthy ingredients. The dishes are made in their own kitchen, following recipes that incorporate the finest flavours and tastes.



Str. Dionisie Lupu, no. 78

Lente is a colourful space where you eat, play and make friends. Located in a classic yet imposing and elegant old house, Lente wants to bring imagination and personality to the concept of going out in the city. Sorina Vazelina, Livia Fălcaru & Reg, Irlo, Pisica Pătrată, Praf de cretă, Saddo & Pren, Ada Muşat, Cutărică, Kitră and Aitch are some of the contemporary artists who left behind intriguing and beautiful artworks as a result of the Pictăm Pereți (Painting Walls) installation.


Burger Van Home

Str. Speranţei, no. 6

Burger Van Home is the newest project from the Burger Van team, a place for burgers and culinary experiments. The new location is opened from Monday to Sunday between 12pm and 10pm. And because a new house needs something special, all burger menus are served with a portion of triple cooked natural potatoes. The new menu reinvents the concept of street-food and uses fresh local products.


Kane – Seasonal Bistro

Str. Tunari, no. 60

At Kane, the spotlight falls on delicious ingredients bought from local farmers and therefore the seasonal menu evolves almost every week, depending on what is available at the farms they work with. Chef Alexandru Iacob and his team use contemporary methods of cooking to reveal the essence of each ingredient in well-balanced and tasty dishes.


Do you have a personal favourite place to eat in Bucharest? Let us know in the comments!


Words by AndreiB

Photos by Alex Iacob, Cristian Vasile



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