Oliver Bach presents “Cocktails Vol. 1” on K4music

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The new EP from Oliver Bach is the first of a series. With “Cocktails Vol. 1” he delivers a four track release with music for the dancefloor and the bar.

CUBA LIBRE is first and is a seven minute track with irresistible groove percussion, driving bass, flute and a catchy piano melody that will get dancers moving and shaking.
MOSCOW MULE is more smooth, with nice chords and the percussion sprinkled over the top helps drive things along as a 303 sequence and a melodic lead synthesizer pop out of the mix. Its warm and filled with good time vibes.

Then comes HURRICANE a house tune with a classic sounding rhythm piano chord, powerful drums, vocal sample and a bass that really pulls you in dancefloor heat. Last of all.

METROPOLITAN comes with a more atmospheric sound. A present bass forms the basis for chords, pads, arps and sequences.


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