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Famille Electro presents “Without You” by Dj Entwan

This winter, Dj Entwan releases “Without You“, a dance floor focussed tech-house EP, on Famille Electro Records.

The title track “Sunshine” is unashamedly bold, with sporadic beats that bounce around your brain, leaving you on a knife’s edge, ready to take off with the colossal build. Designerz & Nacho Pontiggia offer us a top quality and more underground remix of the track, with an incredible sub groove. Meanwhile, “Without You” is brimming with shimmery, pulsating tribal drums and sexy female vocals, with an equally feisty, unexpected drop that catches you out and will likely drive the clubs wild. To finish, Punky Wash delivers a melodic remix with deep chords and reverbs, making this a perfect EP.

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