Dragosh – Y DRA [Otaku Records]


Dragosh – Y DRA [Otaku Records]

Anyone who’s listened to even brief sections of Dragosh’s discography will be all too aware that soul and swing are very much at the heart of his sound. So far he released with Memoria Recordings, Paragram, Viva Music and Desolat, to name a few. Out on the burgeoning Otaku Records imprint, Y DRA EP sees the Romanian producer serve up three delectable dancefloor cuts, each one as excellent as the next.

Opening up is the assured sounds of ‘Env’. A real tension builder, it starts off on a fairly innocuous tip before unfurling into a techy masterpiece of the sort that’s sure to thrill the likes of Zip and Ricardo Villalobos. A moody cut that grows in stature as it goes, it’s a weighty tool that will keep the night ticking over in esteemed fashion.

The B-side features two tracks, the first of which is ’Schimb de vers’. A more playful cut to what’s come before, it too features a bevy of off-kilter motifs, with a vaguely Arabian-sounding baseline at its core. An unusual but intoxicating jam, it offers further proof of the producer’s penchant for the unconventional. ’Step’ sees Dragosh go back to minimal planes, with this one’s twinkling melodies offering a fine foil to the layers of percussion that abound elsewhere. Another fitting example of Dragosh’s many talents, OTAKU’s latest is a stunning release that enhances the reputation of all parties involved.

Dragosh - Y DRA (Otaku Records)

This week our guest for the feeder sound series will be none other than Dragosh himself. This already sounds soooo gooood! 😍


Grab your copy of Y DRA EP at deejay.de

Artist: Dragosh
Title: Y DRA
Label: Otaku Records
Cat. number: OTK004
Release date: 15/03.2018
Format: Vinyl Only

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