Eric Shans and Slav Ka present “Another World EP”

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For one of the last releases of the year, we bring you a special treat – music by the duo of Slav Ka and Eric Shans. It’s the first time ever the two have worked on music together (besides Eric’s remixing of his track ‘Endless’) and the results are something really cool and unique. Three tech induced workouts all with a different flavor.

The title starts off things with an upbeat, driving tempo replete with a fat bass line, distorted arpeggios and subtle pads that swim beneath its interstellar surface. The shuffling percussion keep the rhythm driving while echoes of the dark progressive sound of the early 2000s play on its backbone. That said, it’s got a lot of modern twists and turns which make it really stand out.

‘Space Lullaby’ is next up with some fun vintage dialogue as well as some ethereal sci-fi atmospheres, coupled with some acid techno riffs that slice through the mix. It has a bit of a minimal structure however there’s layers that crawl under the heady percussion that shine through like spiraling headlights in the darkness.

‘One Night In Kiev’ (the title reflects the fact that Slav Ka is in fact, Ukranian) dials down the energy just a bit but it’s no less groovy. A fat kick drum and bass launch this one into motion while soaring arpeggiated pads weave in and out of the night scape. Subtle and melodic, it’s sure to raise ears on the dance floor.

Perfect for the coming winter months, this EP would be a great collection for DJs looking for tech-laden, danceable tracks for their crates.

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