Daniel Gorziza - Point of View EP

Last updated on November 6th, 2017 at 12:24 am

Daniel Gorziza – Point Of View [Act Natural Records]

Ever since Daniel Gorziza experienced the club culture with his friends when he was 16, he developed a passion for electronic music. Quickly it became clear that it was not only his goal to listen to electronic music, but also producing and playing own songs. In 2012 he started his own releases on small digital labels, which changed in 2013. Releases on Snork Enterprises, Repulse Music, and other labels provided him great success.

It is hard to relate Daniel to a certain genre of electronic music, as he says:

“In my productions and DJ sets, I do not set limits or certain styles so that I can express creatively.”

He describes his music as being technoid, unlimited and danceable.

Daniel Gorziza - Point of View EP

London based Act Natural Records releases Daniel’s “Point of View” EP in a limited vinyl-only format. Only 200 copies will be available. The EP contains 4 tracks designed in a techy fashion with influences from minimal sounds and deep baselines. The A-Side delivers an uplifting energy and can easily make one start dancing as B-Side’s “Mind Bending” and “Gloaming” are more deep, glitchy and atmospheric in nature.

Grab your Point of View copy at deejay.de

Artist: Daniel Gorziza
Title: Point of View
Label: Act Natural Records
Cat. number: ANL004 
Release date: 11.07.2017
Format: Vinyl–only


Words by AndreiB


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