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feeder insider w/ Livia & Reg

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feeder insider w/ Livia & Reg


Livia Falcaru, 21 years old, from Galaţi and currently studies graphic design at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. She likes to draw, paint, take pictures and create various things. Her illustrations are often a combination of digital and traditional drawing. Reg (Andrei Sendrea) is 19, from Bucharest, and he is also studying graphic design at the National University of Arts. Wanting to experience something different from traditional art techniques, he set for the graffiti field. Thus, Reg created an illustration style with vibrant colors, based on the blending of abstract components and street art inspired elements.

Out of 1299 votes, 308 of you chose Livia & Reg to continue the Painting Walls [Pictăm pereți] series @ Lente, Saturday, May 6th. On this occasion, we are delighted to explore their own creative, distinct, humorous and contrasting universes, in a feeder insider interview.

abstract / dots / stars / contrast


Every day… we drink coffee.
If I were a color… I would be blue ultramarine (Livia) and vermilion (Reg).
A good idea… comes when you’re not looking for it.
We’d never give up… drawing (of course).
A perfect typeface anytime… Replica (Livia), Futura (Reg).
Music… we listen daily.
Monotony quickly disappears… when you add some dots (Reg) or stars (Livia).
We cook… carrot cake, occasionally.
A straight line… is, in fact, never straight.
3 designers who inspire us… Marcello Gandini, Ivan Chermayeff, Massimo Vignelli (Reg) / Vasjen Katro, Ryan Putnam, Muir McNeil (Livia).


ubic: You observe and play the world in a totally different way. In the same image you can see natural motifs mixed with cosmic symbols, some illustrated in 2D, others 3D, and abstract street art. What draws your attention and what are you introducing from day-to-day life into your drawings?

Livia: I could say that I’m inspired by most things in everyday life. I walk down the street and see a potted plant in a window with an old wooden frame or I like the way light bounces on something, or the sky that day has a beautiful color or the moon looks like the one from Dreamworks or a cat is lazy crossing the street or I see someone who has an interesting figure.

Basically, everything is inspirational if you know how to see.

Reg: From everyday life I import things that I transpose and shape in a certain context. I can not say I have specific targets, but somehow there is a correlation between all the things that inspire me.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

ubic: From drawing to drawing, there is a set of recurring elements such as colors or characters. What is the motivation to resume and rethink certain themes and ideas?

Livia: I like to use all sorts of shapes floating in space (points, lines, circles, stars), complemented by dark backgrounds. Usually, I want to suggest the existence of a vast, complex universe. Using these elements, I aim to give depth to the work, to try to send the viewers as far as possible in time and space, and to convey to them that what they see is just a part of what is actually happening. I feel that all these elements give a somewhat mystical vibe to the illustrations.

Reg: This periodic repetition is due to the fact that, at times, I identify myself more with certain elements than with others and I choose to express myself through them.


feeder insider w/ Livia & RegLivia 

ubic: In the digital age, things are changing very fast, and we all want to know what’s happening now. How do you face the avalanche of daily information and what do you think can be called “new”?

Livia: Personally, I like the digital era and the avalanche of information. I do not think it’s bad, we’re living some fascinating times. I think that, at the accelerated speed with which we are moving as a human species at the moment, it’s hard for the “new” to remain well defined. Speaking of art and what can be called “new” in this area, I would say that it is increasingly going to a more conceptual and computerized approach.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

Reg: Because I’ve grown up into this, I can’t say it’s hard to cope with this environment, I could even say it would be hard for me not to live like this.

This sea of information and technology helps maintain the tonus.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegLivia 

ubic: In general, graphic designers and illustrators use visual communication techniques to convey ideas and messages. Observing that graphic design grows in parallel with consumerism, how do naive drawings and street art inspire stories which are useful, sustainable and democratic?

Livia: I think that when you want to convey a message or a feeling to people, it’s important to make it as clear and concise as possible. This, of course, if you want your message to reach as many people as possible. Perhaps from this desire, the drawings tend to become simplified.

Reg: My opinion is that today everything is in a state of reciprocal influence, information exists and is available to everyone.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

ubic: Do you follow the work of Romanian or international designers?

Livia and Reg: Yes, both Romanian and international. We find it important to be aware of what is happening in your area of activity.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

ubiquitous: Besides a super active online presence, you take part in fairs, exhibitions and competitions. What is the feedback you receive at these real-world meetings? Where and when do you exhibit the next time?

Livia: Overall, the feedback is positive. People usually enjoy the opportunity to get in touch with the artists. And, of course, I also enjoy being able to personally know the people who support me online.

The next time will be on May 13 at Stage 9, in a small pop-up event along with some other fine illustrators. Come say hi! – Reg

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegLivia

ubic: What are the steps you never skip when doing a study for the next drawing?

Livia: Research is sacred! That’s all I have to say ☺


feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

Reg: Preliminary steps to an illustration are more of a ritual created over time, each of which is equally important for the final result.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegLivia

ubic: More and more, we spend our lives in a digital environment. How will the design evolve in relation to the virtual world in the future? How do you think you will draw in a few years from now?

Livia: I’d say that drawing is already not strictly limited to pencils and papers. Much of the artistic process (for some) is digitized. We scan, edit, use a mouse or graphics tablet and work on a monitor or laptop. So now the creative process is quite different from 50 years ago, for example.

Reg: I think the evolution of technology will greatly facilitate artistic creation.


Livia & Reg - Pictăm pereți open call winners

Pictăm pereți @ Lente w/ Livia & Reg 

ubic: On May 6, we paint walls at Lente. How do you work to transfer a pencil sketch to your computer and then to a wall?

Livia and Reg: We generally make many hand-drawn, colored or uncolored sketches. We then introduce elements specific to each one’s style and we try to assemble them in a final sketch. Then, we transfer the drawing to digital and we complete it.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegReg

ubic: As a freelancer in Bucharest, you can meet a variety of clients or partners, some of them difficult, and a crudely developed market, but you can also have pleasant surprises for the same reasons. Where do you stand on the scale of professional satisfaction, and how do you support your personal projects?

Livia: I’m freelancing and, as you said, I also encountered pleasant and unpleasant surprises. It’s a risk I have to take if you do that. As for the professional satisfaction, I would say that I am ok for the moment, I am now working in parallel on some cute projects while I am also completing my Bachelor’s Degree.

Reg: I can not say that I have grown very much in this respect, I channeled on my personal projects, I think that the local art scene is at a low point and everything that is happening is more or less dominated by elitism. There are many unknown people and they have much to offer. It is important to develop the environment and eventually the artists will develop.

feeder insider w/ Livia & RegLivia

Words by ubic

Translation by Cristina (random)

Images © Livia & Reg




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