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Good news is…

you can now submit and contribute directly* to Whether you are a curator, artist, designer, musician, cultural manager, event organizer, a surprisingly creative being, or you have an idea or project worth spreading, you are invited to share it with the feeder community. Democracy is at home here and we are entirely open to new information.

Drop here your press release, important announcement, alternative event, contemporary art exhibition, music, dance performance or plainly an interesting idea or point of view. is a platform where you can reach out interesting people

*First, please register & confirm your account before submitting an event or contributing an article.

Content will be approved only if it suits our audience’s interests. Please allow 24-48h for our editors to verify your submission, as the process is not automatic. You will not receive an e-mail to inform you the article or event is online so it’s a good idea to check the status of your articles and events in your personal dashboard on


and join‘s infamous calendar, where one can find a carefully curated selection of daytime activities and nightlife indulgences, tailored for the alternative nation. Parties, live concerts, exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences, foodie events, festivals, fairs, theater plays, design, and endless more diversity can be found in the calendar archives.

We are constantly expanding our scope so feel free to submit events from all over Romania and Europe, especially if your event features artists, designers and/or musicians we are promoting through feeder insider and sound series.



your own article with text, images, and videos & links and introduce to the community your new project, brand or product. The post will be published as soon as our editors review it.


We’re eager to discover new events and stories from the community, so send away and have fun!


If you need custom content produced by feeder, events or just need more ad space and time on the platform, take a look at the advertising opportunities and contact us for a personalized offer.


Have fun while publishing your work on feeder ✒.

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    1. You can now edit your event and all future entries. Visit the event page and look up for the “edit event” link in the admin bar.
      Thank you!

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