Mihai Pol – Apus La Cariera [Trick Track Records]

Mihai Pol - Apus La Cariera [Trick Track Records]

Mihai Pol – Apus La Cariera [Trick Track Records]

Our second vinyl release ‘Apus La Cariera‘ comes from Mihai Pol and it is an organic reinterpretation of the musical influences that Mihai gathered and perfected him as an newly emerging artist.
TRCKV02 is harmonious flared release with sounds pitching having been placed in a frenziedly yet smart allegory, only to create a well rounded three track release.

Mihai Pol - Apus La Cariera [Trick Track Records]Apus La Cariera‘ follows a mystical allure to its journey, whereas ‘Raw‘ is more of an unpolished track, especially aimed to be a rough piece of the release. ‘Prepareu‘ on the other hand intrigues the B-side with an uneven story to tell.

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Artist: Mihai Pol
Title: Apus La Cariera
Label: Trick Track Records
Cat. number: TRCKV02
Release date: 16.10.2017

Format: Vinyl–only

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