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feeder sound 135 mixed by Estroe

feeder sound 135 mixed by Estroe

feeder sound 135 mixed by Estroe

Hello, everyone. For this week we have a subtle, yet upbeat mix from the one and only Estroe.

Estroe is truly one great DJ with a vast and successful career. She started in 1998 and is seen as one of the few international female DJs who made it to the top.

She played all around the globe, from the cold Russia to the exotic Caribbeans.

Being in residence at the Off the Record nights at Club Ma22o from 2002  she worked closely with Steve Rachmad, Cellie and Carlijn.  Some other notable collaborations include producers like Adam Beyer, Joel Mull and Anthony Rother

Her style is known for its subtle mixes of techno and tech house that came from a transition between delicate music and darker sounds.

Estroe is a people’s person, and you can feel that in this mix. The sound is friendly, it invites you the warm up and opens you to new perspectives.

The notes reach a natural crescendo, that the listener may not even observe, until suddenly s/he realized that they are in a completely new atmosphere and state.

These are some reasons why we love this mix.

We would like to know what do you feel when you listen to these sounds! 🔊 If you like to share and exchange new ideas about music, here is the perfect place.

feeder sound 135 mixed by Estroe

”Murk is a thick primeval soup of heavy breath-like drones and atmospherics. Intricate percussion dances and fidgets through the track like small organisms viewed under a microscope as they move in a drop of pond water. The steady pulse of a single bass note provides the underlying tension while thin string pads give a sincere sense of melancholy and emotion amongst the mysterious feelings of awe and wonder.”

feeder sound 135 mixed by Estroe contains the track Murk from her new release Querulantism on Rosedale Records. Surely it will brighten your day.

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words by Oana Maria Filip
photo by Katja Rupp

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.


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