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Sublee - Ideepsum

Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 03:45 pm

If there is one artist that could extract the very essence from the so called romanian sound hype, it should be Raresh. Be it through his quintessential sets or through his A&R work at his very own imprint, Metereze, Raresh follows the same groove led policy.

Today we indulged ourselves into the second LP released by Metereze, Sublee’s Ideepsum. Spread across 2 records we find 6 carefully crafted cuts, ranging from Yet Again’s gentle bassline enveloped onto the loopy structure to Mimistake, a full throttle gem chopped straight out of the purest techno material. In between there is Entre’s minimalistic poetry, a rolling percussion brought by Rumbletrouble, the obsessive uptempo wobbles from Road To Fequensea and Space Dive, our favourite one, a deep house journey spiced with a bit of electro tingles.

Perfect addition to Metereze’s catalog, Ideepsum will definitely pass the test of electronic time. Now available (online also) at Misbits Record Shop

Artist: Sublee
Title: Ideepsum
Label: Metereze
Release date: 23.12.2017
Format: Vinyl-only

words by: Victor


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