Misbits Presents: Sublee – Ideepsum

Sublee - Ideepsum

If there is one artist that could extract the very essence from the so called romanian sound hype, it should be Raresh. Be it through his quintessential sets or through his A&R work at his very own imprint, Metereze, Raresh follows the same groove led policy.

Today we indulged ourselves into the second LP released by Metereze, Sublee’s Ideepsum. Spread across 2 records we find 6 carefully crafted cuts, ranging from Yet Again’s gentle bassline enveloped onto the loopy structure to Mimistake, a full throttle gem chopped straight out of the purest techno material. In between there is Entre’s minimalistic poetry, a rolling percussion brought by Rumbletrouble, the obsessive uptempo wobbles from Road To Fequensea and Space Dive, our favourite one, a deep house journey spiced with a bit of electro tingles.

Perfect addition to Metereze’s catalog, Ideepsum will definitely pass the test of electronic time. Now available (online also) at Misbits Record Shop

Artist: Sublee
Title: Ideepsum
Label: Metereze
Release date: 23.12.2017
Format: Vinyl-only

words by: Victor


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