feeder sound 133 mixed by Zuckermann

feeder sound 133 mixed by Zuckermann

feeder sound 133 mixed by Zuckermann

So Not Sorry (DAMN! 007 Exclusive Mixtape)

Zuckermann is living and working in Berlin. His music reflects on sophisticated contrasts between dance floor vibes, rough underground house and techno rhythms.

We are delighted to present feeder sound 133 mixed by Zuckermann, an extended journey into music in a very interesting way. It’s a timeless mixtape composed with unusual tracks from the upcoming release So Not Sorry on Destroy All Monsters.


”This mix meanders between Ambient, echoes of 20th century classics and the weirder sides of Techno (in the broadest sense of the word).
It deliberately aims at clashing some mostly unspoken of‚ harmony’ principles of DJ mixing in the process, i.e. rough instead of glib transitions, clashing of harmonies, sudden endings of tracks, an anti-climax dramaturgy, etc.
Enjoy the journey which culminates in the eponymous track only to end with a very lone synth melody (reference to Jean-Michel Jarre or Glam Rock? OMD!!), and ultimately the static it was starting from.” – Zuckermann

So Not Sorry is out on Destroy All Monsters August 10

From time to time we like to cross the borders and get lost in all the colours and shapes that music is offering now. We invite you to take part in this experiment and get ready for some strange house mixed with weird techno vibes! 🔊

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Zuckermann on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


words by ubic

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