Rennie Foster signs Indian duo VridianMusic

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Rennie Foster signs Indian duo VridianMusic

Rennie Foster’s RF label has long been a reliable source for discerning house and techno. Regardless of whether the Canadian imprint is hosting established or emerging producers, its modus operandi always revolves around music that’s sure to force an impression in the club. The label’s latest signings, Vridian Music, are proof once again of the label’s penchant for promoting quality works, with the Depth Perception EP proving a captivating listen from start to finish. Inspired by the moody skyline of the city of Vancouver, these pieces encapsulate an array of pensive emotion.

VridianMusic is an Indian duo consisting of Vir Rattan Chowdry & Siddhant Jain, who boast a sound that’s deeply rooted in the underground. The title track here is a case in point. Deep and foreboding, it’s full of elegant touches, smart percussion and hypnotic vibes aplenty. “Fluir” continues in a similar vein, with a host of rich chords breathing new life into the EP in esteemed fashion.

The record’s liking for atmospheric soundscapes is then brought up a notch on “Tireless”. In stark contrast to its title, this one is full of energy, with its firm kicks and relentless outlook matched a sure fire match for any dancefloor. “Turbulent” is a hazy, skippy number that – momentarily at least – showcases the duo’s liking for softer soundscapes. Seeing us out the door soon after is Owen Ni’s rework of another Vridian Music original, “Blurry”. Full to the brim with bristling snares and forceful synth stabs, it’s an apt weapon with which to culminate an all round stunning record.

Artist Bio:

VridianMusic is the shared moniker of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain.

With a hybrid approach, this initiative from India intends to offer a musical experience that blends the known, to fuel the unknown. Influenced heavily by alternative, deep and underground related music genres, any Vridian dancefloor / sonic experience is an assured story.

Touching into various styles such as Electronica, Deep House, Techno and Tech House, music that keeps a groove consistent in a plethora of atmospheres and a variation of rhythms. With a quest for all things eclectic, VridianMusic intends to be a well-rounded establishment for intelligent and emotive electronic music (not limited to dance music).

The project has become a part of Vancouver’s renowned Gorgomish after hours family and 2017 will also see the duo release original music on a variety of platforms. In addition to a hybrid approach, VridianMusic delivers in a versatile and celebratory fashion, whether it be the opening, closing or even the after hours.


Artist: Vridian Music
Title: Depth Perception EP
Label: RF
Cat. number:
Release date: 01.09.2017
Format: vinyl

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