Lixir – Sunshine EP

Lixir - Sunshine EP

Lixir – Sunshine EP

If you like minimalism then you might enjoy the Bucharest-based musician, Lixir and his new four track EP called Sunshine.

After many listens, I realize this is an intimate sort of EP, based on two concepts – reductivism and, for the listener, an inductive journey; from the very little, one may understand a lot. Minimalism is definitely Sunshine’s best attribute. It’s fun and playful like a little rising star and structured in such a way that it uses the primary essence of what composes a non-experimental musical experience.

With no introduction or presentation, we find Sunshine, the first track, like the Nyan Cat, already doing its thing. Since forever until forever. Nice peaceful sounds were chosen and it feels like a breath of air after it rained outside. Colorful, essentialized and could play on for hours and still be fun. Small changes do happen but mostly with the 90’s deep house beat that sometimes softens and other times goes up to eleven.

Minimal and a humorous, the second track is more bohemian. Showing a dialogue between a deep-voiced but short spoken bass and, what I imagine is a flute, since the song is called Fleut en Scarlett. Again endless, reaching higher, it has an evergreen feel to it keeping one intrigued and waiting for a conclusion that may never show up. At first, the beat hurries the main elements but at one point it gives up and dances along with the flute and bass. Did I mention it’s humorous?

Lixir - Sunshine EP 2

Cleptoman is multi-layered, ambient-aware and complex. It has a doubtful theme to it. It looks clean at first glance but gets angsty at certain points. There’s a pressure and gravity to everything. Little dense sounds put pressure on the main recurring element/theme that seems to be a “whah?!” sounding sound. The track is more stable and present than the other ones. The action takes place now.

Cleptoman remix is light hearted and has a constant harmony that goes trough the other sounds, like a river flows trough a forest. It’s suspenseful but optimistic. Small percussion hits and long ambient waves float around the main riff.  Nothing more to say really, just that It’s a very cool song.

The artist kept everything simple in the Sunshine EP and the entire experience feels like a feather that floats a few inches above the ground with a gentle breeze keeping it in flight.

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Artist: Lixir
Title: Sunshine EP
Label: Minimal Movement
Cat. number: NIMMA003
Release date: 01.07.2017
Format: 180g, vinyl only


Words by: Ioan-George Pancencu

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