This week on feeder #15

this week on feeder

Look, it’s the weekend! ….aaaand it’s gone! Don’t worry, a new one is on the way. Patience is the key. Except for when you’re trying to unlock the door to your car. In that case, the key is the key.

Anyways, Happy Monday everybody!

We hope you enjoyed our articles from last week: Dennis Calmer’s exclusive mix, the two EP reviews and some lists.feeder insider bear

This week:



List: Bârlogurile ursului @ Cărturești

The feeder bear is constantly changing its habitat. This time (s)he chose Carturești. We sent our urban wildlife photographer to find the bear. After a few years of living behind bookshelves,  dressed up as a Kindle, he came back with some amazing exclusive photos.  Check it out!

BTLT Reactivarea patrimoniului Capitol @ CNDB

Heritage reactivation: Challenges and Benefits talk at CNDB

Saturday, 27 May, at CNDB, an informal discussion arranged by Save or Cancel took place, about the challenges and benefits of heritage reactivation. Followed by an experimental #Fluid performance.


Gorbani, Maurice Giovannini Boloubabagam

A new EP review: Gorbani, Maurice Giovannini – Boloubabagam

Two new EP reviews. One of them is written and produced by Gorbani & Maurice Giovannini. A combo EP that came out of two distinct nationalitiesMoldova and Canada. The second one is soon to be announced 🙂

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listă teatre

S👀n: Theatres throughout Bucharest

An informative and complex article concerning the history and origins of theatrical performances in Bucharest alongside a visit (physical and historical) through each individual theatre. Some still functional, some forgotten.

feeder sound 129 mixed by TBA

feeder sound has prepared a new exclusive mix. This time we will let mystery do its thing until the release.



Enjoy your time and have a good week!

Words by Ioan-George Pancencu


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