This week on feeder #14

Hello, everybody! Hope you had a great weekend!

Last week was pretty busy, a lot of things happened. Here’s some cool stuff to keep in mind this week! It will make things go by faster or slower, all depending on what you would like!

The first thing to mention is that we have a winner on the OPEN CALL to design CapitolThank you for voting! Scroll down to find out who won!


Romanian Design Week 2017 related events

A gallery of inspiring images from a multitude of events related to the Romanian Design Week, with a focus on the Architecture Studios Night.


A new list of 16 culture-related places to visit!

You are invited on a journey through art galleries, libraries, cultural hubs and concept stores!


Feeder EP reviews: Lizz – Endz008

We bring you Lizz, a friend of feeder EP reviews.  We focus on Endz008, the EP has a track that we enjoyed a few times in our feeder mixes.


The feeder newsletter is coming tomorrow

If you want to know what you will find on the following days (feeder insider, sound, been there liked that, exciting lists) and want to discover the best events for the following week, you should check your inbox tomorrow. Subscribe here.


feeder insider w/ Livio & Robi 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

”Sound comes and goes all the time, the idea is to catch it and record it.” – feeder insider w/ Livio & Robi [en]


feeder sound 128 mixed by Dennis Calmer

feeder sound has prepared a new mix, brought to us by the one and only Dennis Calmer!

Just for you: click CLICK for a private link to the mix.


Aaaaaand, the winner of the OPEN CALL is:

OPEN CALL – Shape the future of CAPITOL Winner



Words by Ioan-George Pancencu

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