OPEN CALL – Shape the future of CAPITOL Winner

OPEN CALL – Shape the future of CAPITOL Winner

Save or Cancel is looking to recharge CAPITOL’s identity and we know that the talented community of creatives can do so much more! These are the results from the OPEN CALL:


1/3 public online vote.

Cornea Lucian & Ion Lucretia Open Call Design Capitol (32%, 36 Votes)

1/3 a jury panel, composed of Alexandru Ciubotariu (Pisica Pătrată), illustrator and muralist // Dragoș Motică (Ubikubi), designer and entrepreneur // Alina Rizescu & Bogdan Ștefănescu (RIZI), design studio // Paul Dunca (#FLUID), dancer and maker.

The jury voted for ACME Industries Yellow.

1/3 Save or Cancel, represented by Cristina Popa, social designer // Andrei Racovițan, architect.

Save or Cancel voted for ACME Industries Yellow.

The winner was announced at the Heritage Reactivation: Challenges and Benefits conference at CNBD.


Acme Industries ID Sistem Capitol Y

“ACME Industries is a leading company in brand aesthetics.
Our aim is to create lovemarks out of each project we’re trusted with.”


The open call is a part of the “hub cultural Cinema / Teatrul de vară CAPITOL” cultural project, co-financed by AFCN.

Organizer: Save or Cancel
Partners: ArCub, CNDB, Teatrul Mic, Cinema Marconi, Carol 53 
Media partners: ZeppelinIQadsSmark, Iqool, Assamblage, Citatepedia,,,


Other articles in the awareness campaign:

22 de clădiri reabilitate care pun în valoare patrimoniul din România
despre și regenerare urbană prin artă – un interviu IQads cu Save or Cancel
Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre history and future 1912 – 2020
41 de foste și actuale cinematografe în București
Cinema / Teatrul de vară CAPITOL 2017-2018
Reactivarea patrimoniului: provocări și beneficii


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